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What Does the Bible Say About Revival?

What Does the Bible Say About Revival?
Psalm 85

How is the word revival used? Some have said of their services "revival meetings take place every Sunday". But those who have experience true revival will tell you that revival isn't something we can create. It's brought about by God alone. Yet revival meetings still continue to work on creating services that bring revival. They believe that if you get the circumstances right you will have believers.

There are ways and means to cultivate false conversions by creating the right situations. People will profess faith in Cbrist on the spot if the right things take place, but is that true revival? Is it a lasting saving faith?

Revival is the imparting of life to the dead and health to those who are dying. It is not something that man can do. Revival is a people saturated with God. It's the going of God amongst the people and laying His hand upon them. Revival is gOds major means of extending His Kingdom. We don't see much happening in the church today but, when God works, great numbers are saved suddenly. It's not religious entertainment, it's God laying hold of a community.

Here in Psalm 85 we can see the true meaning. It's God being gracious to the land and restoring people to Him - restoring the fortunes of Jacob. God turning aside His anger.

His wrath and judgement is being poured out on sinners - His just condemnation. But in revival He has mercy on hIs people and extends His Kingdom. This happens when Gods people plead with Him with the desire of the restoration of His Kingdom. When God has mercy on His people.

The characteristics of revival are a praying people. People of God pleading with Him. When people are wanting revival and seeking Him for it.

Are we burdened enough, not just to pray but, to plead with God. Its a good thing to use arguements in prayer. To call on His promises.

God promises peace to His people. When God comes in mighty power there is great joy and thankfulness. An amazing peace is found in God.

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